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Warranty Policy Warranty Policy

Short and Simple/No Need for 10+ pages Policy

All Products sold by us have a1 Year Warranty

  • If used as instructed by theProduct’s Manual  and the product failed within one year of usage - Ship it back to us and we will give you a full refund

Warranty will Not Cover

Over years of being in Business, We have seen a thing or two

  • Product that went bad but wereNOT Sold by us But Putted inside the product’s box that sold by us and asking us for a replacement
  • Your Pet Destroying the product
  • Product ran over by a Car
  • Product that is IPX5 waterproof meaning it’s rain proof but not underwater waterproof
  • Product not being used in a Proper Manner
  • Just Not Very Common Sense Things that are done to the product causing it to go bad