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Magnesium Ferro Rod

Magnesium Ferro Rod

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🔥 Creating fire using a Ferro Rod is Never Easy, with our years of experience using Bushcraft tools we have created this unique Magnesium Rod with integrated Ferro Rod to improve your chance of start a fire in the wilderness significantly.

🔥 The Wooden Handle has a unique pattern for a strong firm grip easy for you to hold down the rod while using the striker for maximum sparks.

🔥 The Magnesium Rod when scraped into small pieces can catch sparks easily and amplifier those sparks to improve your chance for creating a fire.

🔥 Included a Multi-tool Scraper that can be used as: Philips Screw driver, Spine, Hexagon Wrenches, Rope Hole, Bicycle Spoke, Bottle Opener, Rope Cutter, Slotted Screwdriver

🔥 The sparks alone will not get you fire, that is why we included 4 high quality Waterproof tinder ropes to catch those sparks and start a fire effectively. This fire starter kit is an must have tool for any hardcore outdoor enthusiast.

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